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Freedom Pest Control - Specialists in Insect Extermination, Animal and Pest Removal and Exclusion - Topsfield, Massachusetts (MA )
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Food Service   Inside Building
As business or organization it is imperative to create a “pest free” environment for both employees and customers.
Over 90% of your customers
and employees will not report a
bad pest experience.
So how are you to know
if you have a problem.?
When bugs or pests become part of your daily operation production, customer satisfaction and reputation all become negatively impacted more than you may realize.
When your reputation and quality are at stake the importance of pest control becomes a top of mind problem that needs to be dealt with efficiently and effectively.
This is where Freedom Pest Control gets involved to identify and solve your pest problem with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.
The “Green” approach to pest control:
IPM Program
We Service
Commercial Buildings
Small Businesses
Condo Properties
Food Service Industries
Variety Stores
And more!
Initial Commercial Inspection
Roaches/Rodents/Seasonal Invaders are included in monthly service.
Water/moist areas: no drips or standing water.
Grease areas: degreased and no food scraps.
Shipping area: incoming supplies, corrugated box and trash disposal. Neat & clean.
Rodents - Rats:
Cleanliness: no harborage areas.
Runways: exterior building has no holes.
Dumpster: neat and sealed, top and sides. Proper trash schedule. No grease collection in dumpster areas.
Proper food storage.
Seasonal Invaders:
Bees: treat when located - call anytime.
Ants: treated at monthly service and when needed.
Mice: goes along with rodent and IPM plans. Serviced at monthly service.
Freedom Pest Control also provides termite inspections and pest evaluation on any size building, property as well as bed bug control, bed bug extermination and bed bugs in hotels.
Termite Treatment
Freedom Pest Control strives to be the industry leader in new treatment technologies.
Inspection consists of checking and locating termite activity and deficiencies.
A Freedom Pest Control technician will map out areas that require treatment, then customize a termite treatment for your business.
Additional Services
Fly Program:
Flies present and identified.
Fly sconces.
Fruit fly traps.
Chemical treatment programs.
Animal Trapping and Removal:
Trap and remove animals.
Seal hole with heavy wire mesh.
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Let us provide you the FREEDOM
from unwanted pests.
Call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-737-8755 now!
Home Inspections are FREE with the purchase of any package.
Our Exterminator Services Include:
Bees Mice Ants
Silverfish Spiders Centipedes
Termites Moles Chipmonks
Bed Bugs Rats Voles
Squirrels Skunks Woodchucks
Bats Raccoons Opossum
Flying Squirrels And more!
Licensed and insured in Massachusetts (MA) and
New Hampshire (NH) for animals and insects.
Freedom Pest Control BBB Business Review
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